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Laughter emerges at this time. Have the video camera ready! Babies at this stage begin to use all their sounds in playful self-expression, and some begin to be able to imitate sounds in their repertoire.

The articulators become more coordinated, and the voice sounds speech-like, but Expansion Stage babbling still does not sound word-like.

Around six to seven months, true Canonical babbling emerges. The articulators, resonance and voice become fully coordinated, resulting in sounds that are recognized as real syllables. At this stage, parents are quick to interpret baby's syllables as attempts at words.

That is, when we hear "ba-ba" we see xanax sleep coma as an attempt to name something and we may propose a word in return. "Oh, did you say Papa?" The Canonical Babbling Stage continues for several months, as the brain begins to recognize, order and catalog the sounds of the ambient language.

Sounds not in the child's language drop away, while commonly heard sounds are mastered. Canonical babbles will start out as re-duplicated (repeated) syllables, but soon sounds are being combined freely into lots of different babbles, with mixed consonant and vowel sounds.

The last stage of babbling development is the Integrative, or Jargoning, Stage, which typically begins between 10 and 15 months of age. First words emerge near the first birthday, and complex babbling combines with a few real words to form what is called jargon.

Intonation develops, so that we hear nonsense gibberish that has the sound of comments, questions and commands. The toddler seems to be speaking in a language of his own.

This jargon is well-coordinated with gestures, body language and eye contact, and the child at this stage understands much more language than he can say.

Gradually, real words take over and the babbling period ends. Normal progression through the stages of babbling is a good indicator that speech, language, motor and cognitive/social development are on track.

If the stages of babbling are delayed or absent, or if first words do not emerge by 15 months, the baby should be referred to an early intervention speech and language pathologist for evaluation.

Deborah L. Bennett, M.S. CCC-SLP is a speech and language pathologist at Monadnock Speech & Language in Keene. For more information, call 603-491-2941 or email debbieslp@mac.com.

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Because they retrain your hunger response - when we are really hungry, we typically reach for the wrong thing. This is because unhealthy snacks are typically the most advertised and the most convenient. BUT, we also become conditioned to crave those bad "foods" next time we are hungry because we associate that "food" with satisfying our hunger. Reaching for healthy foods at a time of hunger will train you body to crave them instead.
When do I eat Flex Foods?
Eat them when you are craving something. Make a "healthy" flex food choice based upon what you are craving. For example -

When you are craving something creamy & savory, have some avocado mashed with freshly squeezed lemon, cayenne and a generous amount of sea salt. (Avocados also help you burn fat! The sea salt you add helps control your blood pressure and water levels).

When you are craving something crunchy, reach for some organic celery.

If you want something sweet or tart, try some organic berries or an organic apple. (apples and cucumbers also rehydrate and cleanse your bowels).

If you want something salty, sprinkle some Himalayan sea salt on cucumber or watermelon. (watermelon also rehydrates and cleanses the body).

You get the picture, right?
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Flex Foods Questions
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