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Your kidneys will thank you as ion-trapping draws out acidic toxins.

Your liver will say cheers as increased levels of antioxidants promote blood cleansing.

Your colon will feel the difference - and so will you!

And your cells will say bye bye to all of those stored toxins and fatty acids.

THREE - Balance Body pH!

Research shows that raising the pH of your urine by just 1 pH can prevent or eliminate the symptoms of metabolic syndrome such as - obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and kidney stones.

FOUR - Weight Loss!

Hydration allows you to have the better workouts, so you are able to burn more calories!

A recent study showed that people who started drinking alkaline water lost an average of 12 pounds in two months and the only change they made was drinking alkaline water!

FIVE - Anti - Aging!

Anti-oxidant alkaline water fight to prevent free radicals from attacking your healthy tissues by providing an abundance of excess electrons in the body. These excess electrons neutralize the free radicals that cause cellular and DNA damage that leads to premature aging.

SIX - Heart Health and Blood Pressure!

Alkaline ionized water has been shown to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels in people with mineral deficiencies.

SEVEN - Liver Health!

Alkaline water has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in the body that affects the liver.

Alkaline water has also been shown to increase levels of a critical antioxidant that protect the liver.

EIGHT - Bone Health!

Research shows a clear link between alkaline water and bone health. When your body's pH balance becomes acidic, your body will adjust time between accutane doses by stealing calcium from your bones.

NINE - Digestive Health!

Research suggests alkaline water reduces the symptoms of colitis, loose bowels and constipation.

You can throw away your antacids too - Alkaline Ionized water has an antacid effect for those upset stomachs

TEN - Sports Performance!

Feel more hydrated with greater endurance, faster recovery and more energy!

Want to know how alkaline water can help you? Call us now at 877-959-7977 for more information and ask about our "10 Reasons" discount for alkaline water ionizers.


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Ostojic, S.M. "Al. Drinks with alkaline negative oxidative reduction potential improve exercise

performance in physically active men and women: double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial of efficacy and safety.." Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences. 5.3 (2011): 83-89. Print.

Wynn, E, MA Krieg, JM Aeschlimann, and P Burckhardt. "Alkaline mineral water lowers

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