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Because we did the difficult but necessary work of saving that tree of opportunity, many more students will sit under its shade in the years to come and benefit from its fruit of higher education, whether in the form of a certificate, associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree.

Our public colleges and universities have been, and will continue to be, a source of pride. In fact, according to the 2018 U.S. News & World Report public school rankings, Georgia is currently one of only three states to have more than one higher education institution in the top 20.

Our state will depend on the continued production of quality graduates from these types of institutions if we want to preserve our educated, trained, and sustained workforce. In order for us to achieve that goal, we must have workers who possess the requisite knowledge and skills for the jobs of today and the future. Some of those jobs will require a college degree. Others will require certifications and more specialized degrees from a technical school. We need both our University and Technical College Systems to remain competitive, and I am happy to report that both have adjusted their degree and training programs to meet the needs of our state's diverse economic climate.

With us today is the new Commissioner of our Technical College System, Matt Arthur, who also helped to lead the University of Georgia Bulldogs to their 1980 national championship as an offensive lineman. Matt, in recognition of your leadership in the arena and the field of education, will you please stand and be recognized?

While we continue to support and expand the opportunities within our university system, I have also been pleased that in recent years, we have added certificate and degree programs within our Technical College System that provide a solution for the problems we faced coming out of the Great Recession. At the height of our unemployment rate, I asked the employers of our state: "can you find proper candidates here in Georgia for the open positions in your company?" Their answer was often a very loud "no."

So we created a program, known as the HOPE Career Grant, which covers 100 percent of tuition for technical school students who enroll in one of Georgia's strategic industry, high-demand fields. Although this program is only a few years old, tamsulosin ejaculation problem is already bearing exceptional fruit. In fact, of those students who take advantage of this resource, 99.2 percent find employment upon completion of their training and studies.

That is why I was proud to grow that forest of potential by adding five new categories to that incredibly successful program. As of 10 days ago, we now have 17 specific fields that allow our employers to answer "yes" when I ask them whether they can find qualified candidates for open jobs.

Throughout our state, at all 22 TCSG campuses, we have pockets of excellence in terms of economic development. In order to better leverage those tools, I am happy to announce that we will create a new Deputy Commissioner position within our Technical College System. This individual will develop and maintain a unified process with our 22 campuses, the University System, and the Department of Economic Development in terms of how those campuses interact with companies here in Georgia. This will create an organized and seamless effort to assist existing businesses that can benefit from TCSG's training in an ever-changing and evolving marketplace.

I would like to introduce you to the woman who will fill that new Deputy Commissioner role, who happens to be with us in the gallery today. Laura Gammage, would you please stand and allow us to recognize you for the important job you are undertaking?

To further aid those coming into our workforce or those seeking new opportunities, we will also be moving our state's Division of Workforce Development to the Technical College System. In addition, we will be relocating the state's customized recruitment office to TCSG, further consolidating these separate workforce development components into a more cohesive and workable system.

Our Technical College system is a resource whose benefits to the entire state will only increase as the number of students increases. In light of the fact that 30 percent of Georgia's high school students choose not to pursue further education or training opportunities once they graduate, we initiated a broad marketing campaign over this past year that showcases all that a technical college has to offer. It is already producing great results, reaching young adults throughout this state who would not have previously considered a career opportunity at one of our technical colleges.

To build on that success, my proposed budget includes an additional $1 million for this campaign so that we can strategically market the colleges throughout Georgia.

I want to share with you some of those fruits of our labor today. So please direct your attention to the following videos that feature students telling us about the great opportunities available through TCSG. You will also hear from a young man whose life journey was significantly altered by specialized training offered through TCSG.

Video 1: "Next"

Video 2: "Dual"

Video 3: Interview with Joshua Hutchinson

We're pleased to have Joshua Hutchinson with us today, along with his welding instructor, Scott Eidson. Will you both please stand so that we can recognize your hard work?

Joshua, and others like him around the state, are why I am adding $1 million in my amended budget proposal to fund two mobile labs that will further enhance our already successful TCSG welding program.

Yet another area where we are planting saplings that will soon cover our entire state is in the field of transportation.

Three years ago, I asked the General Assembly to act boldly and provide a means of transportation funding capable of addressing our aging infrastructure. Because of your brave action and bi-partisan support, we were able to make the first meaningful transportation investments in an entire generation through projects sprouting up throughout Georgia.

Thanks to the Transportation Funding Act, we are preparing for future generations and the sustained growth we're seeing throughout the state through our unprecedented 10-year, $11 billion transportation investment plan.

Speaking of highway infrastructure, the last time I spoke in this chamber was on Sine Die of the last session. So let me take this opportunity to ask that you please refrain from setting any fires on your way out of town this year?

Of the many men and women throughout Georgia we have to thank for our transportation improvements, there is one in particular who deserves our gratitude for making our Department of Transportation the most capable and cutting-edge in the country.

We are fortunate to have that man with us today, so I would like to ask that Commissioner Russell McMurry stand as we give him a round of applause for his contributions.

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