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My Texas Chili by Sena Wilson
My Texas Chili

Crock Pot Southwest Beef Chili Stew by Jane Manna
Crock Pot Southwest Beef Chili Stew

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Upset Stomach

Drinking too much lemon juice may upset your stomach because staxyn instructions retains its high acidity level until further digested. Sometimes increasing stomach acidity is helpful for digesting food, but too much may temporarily irritate mucous membranes and lead to stomach pain and acid reflux or heartburn. To prevent this side effect, start with small amounts of lemon juice and consider drinking staxyn instructions with some food or diluting staxyn instructions with purified water.

Enamel Erosion and Canker Sores

Frequent contact of lemon juice with your teeth could damage and erode the protective enamel layer. Consider having diluted lemon juice and drinking staxyn instructions through a straw to be on the safe side. Citric and ascorbic acids are strong antimicrobials, which deter mouth infections, but drinking too much lemon juice can irritate mucous membranes and potentially lead to canker sores.

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Posted on 17th Feb 2018
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Rethinking Our Relationship With Grief
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