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Protein diet to help in obesity fight by making us less hungry

High-protein diets have led scientists to a new hunger suppressant that could help fight obesity.

Moving from two pieces of fruit and veg a day to three 'is progress'. Stock photo

Strict 'five-a-day' rule sidelined in new bid to fight child obesity

Strict healthy living rules like aiming for 'five a day' have been sidelined in a new campaign to tackle child obesity.

Researchers from China and the UK used a genetic modification technique that allowed them to insert a gene into the pigs which means the animals can regulate their temperature better by burning fat. Stock photo: PA

Scientists make bacon even better

Bacon is about to get even better as scientists have created genetically modified pigs that have 24pc cent less fat than normal pigs.

There is no evidence that 'fancy' salts like pink Himalayan are any better for us than regular table salt

Worth its salt?

A new survey has revealed certain brands of pesto are saltier than seawater. Although a popular choice for parents feeding their children, certain brands of pesto contain more salt than a fast food hamburger. Not only were the current salt levels within certain pesto sauces high, they were shown to be on the increase. It's alarming that some brands are becoming less healthy at a time...

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