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var qa = {questions: ["What exams must you pass to gain flying licence?"],answer: "

For either the RA or GA pilot licence you will be required to pass 3 types of exams; an oral test, written test and practical test. The practical test is taken with an Approved Testing Officer (ATO<\/span>). You will train with your flight instructor for the practical test which tests your physical flying skills. However, the other exams require your own self-study. Here are the three tests in detail:<\/p>

- Written Test: Multiple choice test that covers all areas of aviation knowledge. You may select a ground school course or study on your own for the written test. There are many good books or mock exam questions which can help you prepare for all the tests.<\/p>

- Oral Test: The day you take your practical test in the actual airplane, your ATO<\/span> will conduct an oral interview where you will be asked to explain all the knowledge areas you've studied in ground school. This includes: aircraft systems, weather, aerodynamics, air laws, airport operations, airspace designations and operations, charts, aircraft performance, and much more. This will require study and understanding on your part. Your flight instructor will discuss many of these areas with you but you must study and learn the concepts as well.<\/p>

- Practical Test: This is the test in the aircraft. You will fly with an ATO<\/span> who will ask you to perform all the maneuvers and skills you have been working on since the beginning of your training. It typically runs for 2 hours. This is where all your training comes together.<\/p>",id: 121,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Is flight training expensive? Can I afford it? How much does moxifloxacin hydrochloride molecular weight cost?"],answer: "

Most of the students in our programs have normal 9 to 5 jobs and are still able to afford our programs. You won't have to worry about winning the lottery or taking out excessive loans to pay for our services. We help you to cut down the cost and make moxifloxacin hydrochloride molecular weight affordable.<\/p>",id: 122,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["How old can I start flight training? What are the age limits?"],answer: "

We would recommend students be at least 14 years old, so you can fly solo at 15 and obtain the RPL<\/span> at 16 and PPL<\/span> at 17. For the CPL<\/span>, you need to be at least 18 on the date you get your licence. For younger aviation enthusiasts, we have children's programs on our flight simulator and offer a number of activities designed to educate and entertain children of all ages. In terms of an upper age limit, you can go flying no matter how old you are as long as you can pass the medical check.<\/p>",id: 123,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Do I have to have perfect vision to be a commercial pilot CPL? What are the eyesight requirements?"],answer: "

No, as long as your vision can be corrected to 20/20 with glasses or contacts, you will be eligible for a 1st Class CASA<\/span> Medical Certificate. This makes you eligible to fly as a civilian professional pilot. If you wish to obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence, you will need to conduct a CASA<\/span> Class 1 Medical Clearance.<\/p>",id: 124,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Is my instructor qualified?"],answer: "

Your instructor has achieved his Commercial Pilot Licence and inevitably some endorsements and ratings along the way. In addition to this, your instructor has also gained an Instructor Rating, which is not only an additional 50 hours of intense flight training, but includes critical assessment of their theoretical knowledge and training in the Principles and Methods of Instruction (if an externally recognized training qualification is not held). A thorough assessment and flight test needs to be completed successfully to achieve the rating.<\/p>",id: 126,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["How much experience does my instructor have?"],answer: "

The Instructor Rating is divided into three classes numbered 1 through 3, class 1 being the highest. An instructor's progression to a higher class is based on achieving at least the required number of flying instruction hours and satisfactory reviews. Several hundreds of hours are involved! In addition to this, instructors often undertake other ratings and endorsements, fly recreationally and participate in other flying activities. Consequently their total flying hours may be much greater as will be their overall experience. Several of LTFM<\/span> & MFT<\/span>'s instructors have total flying hours in the thousands, some in the tens of thousands!<\/p>",id: 127,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["What is ground school? Why should ground school be taken before, or in conjunction with flying?"],answer: "

Ground school is the bookwork of flying. The best pilots fly the best because they understand their aeroplane and the consequences of their actions. Ground school is also required to help you pass a written exam, an oral test for the checkride and for multiple milestones throughout flying. Think about learning to drive a car by reading a manual. Without actually getting in a car and driving, there is no real way to fully understand it. To get the most of flight training you need to study and fly.<\/p>",id: 128,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["What methods of payment does LTF accept?"],answer: "

We require a deposit to book all the training flights. The payment can be made online or by cash, bank deposit, Visa, MasterCard or Amex. The is a 2% surcharge for Visa and MasterCard and a 3% surcharge for Amex.<\/p>",id: 129,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["How safe are small aircraft? Is flight training safe?"],answer: "

There is certain amount of risk in everything we do. Flying an aircraft have some degree of risk and for that reason they must be treated with care and respect. If you learn to fly safely with the right and professional instructors then you will go a long way towards reducing that risk. Your safety and that of the aircrafts and its occupants is the most important objective of our instructors. Besides, all of our aircraft are maintained to the highest Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA<\/span>) standards. Flying is safer than driving a car on the road.<\/p>",id: 130,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["How do I schedule a lesson?"],answer: "

You can schedule your lesson by calling Learn To Fly Melbourne at 1300 LearnToFly or +613 9580 4096, email us at hello@learntofly.edu.au, or by using our online scheduling system. All lessons are made according to the customer's schedule, not the instructor's.<\/p>",id: 131,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Can I commence flying privately if I already have a lot of time commitments?"],answer: "

The Recreational Pilot Licence only requires a minimum of 25 hours flying time (although most students will take slightly longer). With good coaching, preparation and commitment from you, even if you can only spare a few hours a week (possibly on the weekend), you could have an RPL<\/span> in 3 to 6 months.<\/p>",id: 132,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["How do I monitor whether my training program is unfolding satisfactorily?"],answer: "

It's best to be critical and demanding in regards to your flight training to ensure you are getting the most value from your time and money. There are a few warning signs you can lookout for to ensure your training is unfolding the way moxifloxacin hydrochloride molecular weight should. Things to watch out for include: <\/p>

- Constant rescheduling or cancellation of lessons

- Failure to provide proper briefings

- Constant changes of Instructor

- Inconsistency within the school

- Limited or no time with senior pilots

- No proper debriefing

- Shotty paperwork<\/p>",id: 133,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Is there accessible transport to Moorabbin Airport?"],answer: "

Moorabbin Airport is 25km southeast of central Melbourne or 35 minutes by car. You can travel by train to Parkdale station where a LTF<\/span> shuttle service transports students at the start and end of each day if required.<\/p>",id: 135,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Is accommodation available?"],answer: "

Yes, student apartments are available for international students.<\/p>",id: 136,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Am I covered by insurance?"],answer: "

All RA students are covered by the RA-AUS<\/span> members Liability Insurance. Also, moxifloxacin hydrochloride molecular weight is a condition for any business that provides a service to the public to have Public Liability Insurance so we are covered by this insurance as well.<\/p>",id: 137,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["When is Learn to Fly open? Are you open on public holidays?"],answer: "

Learn To Fly is open for all operations including training every day of the year except for the Christmas Day.<\/p>",id: 138,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Is public transport available?"],answer: "

Yes! The Moorabbin area is served by frequent bus and train services. The bus service has a pick up and drop off point adjacent to the DFO<\/span> shopping complex. It is a 1.6km walk (15mins) from the bus stop, around the airport perimeter, to Learn To Fly.<\/p>

There are also two railway stations - Mentone and Cheltenham - that are local to Moorabbin airport. Buses depart from both stations to the nearby DFO<\/span> shopping complex. Always check timetables for schedule details, particularly for weekends and evenings.<\/p>",id: 139,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Does moxifloxacin hydrochloride molecular weight matter if my native language is not English?"],answer: "

No! However you need to meet a minimum level 4 Aviation English Language Proficiency assessment to hold a PPL<\/span> or higher licence. Please refer to our International Student page for more information regarding English level requirements for enrolment.<\/p>",id: 140,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["Can I learn to fly at Learn To Fly Melbourne or Melbourne Flight Training if I am from overseas?"],answer: "

Yes! Provided you can obtain a Visa to allow entry into Australia, and you satisfy several aviation regulatory requirements like an ability to speak English, medical check, age, security check and so on.<\/p>",id: 141,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa); var qa = {questions: ["What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my lesson?"],answer: "

Safety is always paramount at Learn To Fly. Your instructor is trained to assess weather conditions and determine whether flying would be suitable for your level of experience. There may be times when your instructor "pushes the envelope" and encourages you to fly in less than suitable conditions. This is done so that experience is gained with poor weather conditions and techniques that help maintain a good safety margin.<\/p>",id: 142,askCount: 0}; faq.push(qa);

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