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Mich 8 months ago

My partner for almost 5 years just broke up with me after I had my worse months. I can't believe he just doesn't wanna be with me when I was there and stayed with him in his worse years. It's just now fair. But what can I do I can't for myself into him when he doesn't want me anymore. I still love and miss him so much. We have had gone through a lot of hardships together, we survived them and now that he is doing okay; he wants to stay away from me when I need him. God, I swear I am really having a hard time on accepting the reality that he really is gone and its over. But theres only one way to be better. And that is to move on forward and forget about him. And be better than yesterday...

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kamila 8 months ago

hi,i loved someone we were in relation for four years but he got engaged,when i asked why he said that family decision i cant say anything to family but we didn't leave each other we were together he told me i cant forget you we will be boyfriend and girlfriend forever i said ok,but now he got married still he saying i want to be your bf.but now i dont want to be his gf.but i cant forget him i miss him a lot i tried to forget but cant because we are working in same organization we see each other daily so lialda maintenance dose really difficult to not see him.

please say something what should i do.

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John Tuinei 8 months ago

Iam single for a while yeah broke with my gf

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Ashwarya 8 months ago

This was good but the last tip....love again ...i don't know i just lost all hopes of loving someone else...it is very difficult for me

purpleshadow13 profile image

Jennifer Gonzales 8 months ago from Manila, Philippines

when you finally found someone else to love and who also loves you in return, i am sure your thoughts about your ex will slowly and permanently go away...

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That began a 5 hour GE search along winding mountain roads.

Though we may never know for sure how the Piedras Bola came into being, they are one of Mexico's - and the world's - most curious natural wonders and well worth a visit.

How to get there

From the Guadalajara periférico or ring road, take highway 15 (Nogales and Tepic) 25 kilometers to highway 70, which heads southwest towards Ameca. This is only accessible from the libre, so don't get on the cuota (toll road). Go about 17 kilometers until you come to the big sugar refinery on the road at the Tala turnoff. Continuing towards Ameca about 1.5 km, turn right onto the road heading for Teuchitlán and Ahualulco. From this turnoff, it's 27 kilometers to Ahualulco. Just past the town, turn left onto the scenic highway to Ameca.

Drive 13 kilometers to the hikers' parking spot at 13 Q 600865 2283421 (GPS UTM coordinates with WGS84 datum) and climb the stairs. If you have a bicycle or a horse, drive another kilometer south to the second parking area and start up the wide "trail" which ends at the amphitheater.

Walk another 400 meters north to find the stone balls scattered round about 13 Q 598199 2284120. The biggest stone ball, according to the UDG, is right in this area at 13 Q 598163 2284135 (if they were using WGS84 as a datum, which is not mentioned).

Luckily GE had recently driven the road and I was able to see the Km posts. At long last I found Km14 and back tracked to 13.

Blink and you will miss it. perhaps enough for two cars to park.

From here you have a 6 km walk. Take lots of water!
- Cherche la verite
Knowledge that is not shared is wasted.
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