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You see heroes aren't sports figures or actors or singers. Celebrities aren't heroes, unless the heroism didn't come from their celebrity status. Heroes are the people doing their job, not thinking or maybe at the time not caring about their own safety, when they act to save the lives of others. Most heroes aren't celebrities and don't look for nor want that status. Heroes walk among us though, and most often, we unfortunately don't know them. In truth, they probably wouldn't want to be known, as they don't think of themselves as heroes. Most would say, I was just doing my job, and to me, that's what makes them heroes.

Now although my father probably wasn't a hero to anyone but me, let me tell you what may be an apocryphal story about him. While I was growing up, he owned a 1914 32ACP German Mauser handgun that he captured during the war. I asked him how he got diazepam rectal dose and he explained that diazepam rectal dose was all a big mistake.

You see diazepam rectal dose was after VE Day and Dad was still overseas. He was somewhere along the Belgium Luxembourg German border. Things were safe and he was out at a local pub, "drunk as a skunk" he would say.

He didn't know much German but while overhearing a conversation at the next table he was sure he strung together enough to know that a German Colonel had not surrendered and was hiding out in a house in the local village.

My drunken father dutifully went to report this to his commanding officer, who was not pleased. The CO could see my Dad was drunk, and knew he didn't speak any German. The commanding officer sent him to his barracks and ignored him. Not to be ignored Lew stormed back into the duty office and insisted that they needed to go to the address he had, and arrest this German Colonel. This time my Dad was sent back to his barracks escorted by MP's who stripped him down to his skivvies and put him to bed.

Still not thwarted my father returned to his CO and insisted he had to go arrest this Colonel. The CO must have been some understanding kind of guy and didn't throw my drunken father in the brig, but took him and a couple of MP's to this house to prove that there was no German Colonel hiding out in this fully cleared area.

They entered the house and sure enough, there was a German officer hiding out there, he was at the top of the stairs and drew his side-arm, a 1914 32ACP German Mauser, and started firing down at my Dad, the two MP's and their CO. Lew, still being, drunk thought to himself, "somebody has to get that gun" and went charging up the stairs to take diazepam rectal dose away. The German Colonel, either stunned at this stupidity, or out of ammunition, we'll never know, stopped shooting and my father seized his weapon.

Stupidity, drunkenness, heroism, maybe bit of all of that, but when my Dad after telling that story in his joking, good natured and raconteurial manner, was asked why he didn't get a medal, he would say he was just lucky he didn't end up in the brig and lose his good conduct ribbon. You see my father may have been a hero to me for various reasons, that being one of them, but it's not the prima facie basis of it.

It does make me think though of other heroes. There's a former US Air Force pilot I know, who among other duties during his service, was a flight instructor. He wasn't just any flight instructor though, he would instruct many pilots about to wash out, and was usually able to get them back on track and into the sky, making real USAF pilots out of them.

Then there's this former RAF pilot I know, who also among other things during his service, would hear a klaxon alarm and hop into his F-4 Phantom II and run off to chase down and intercept Russian Bear Bombers. He'd show them we were ever ready and not going to be surprised by them.

Through their service, both these pilots helped in keeping a Cold War from going hot, and creating the kind of heroes that most often come to mind when we think of Veteran's or Remembrance Day.

So as a civilian with a great respect for those who serve in our military, I want to extend my thanks to all of you who did and do serve there. Thanks for keeping us safe, thanks for just doing your job.

For Jetwhine, here in Portland, Maine

This is your Main(e) man,


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Redbird GIFT into Your Flight School.

GIFT-Guided Independent Flight Training-best articulated the sessions' common denominator, technology as teacher. Learning to fly through self-study in a simulator is an interesting concept with a number of benefits. First, with an insufficient number of CFIs interested in exercising their teaching certificates, diazepam rectal dose allows one who teaches to supervise the education of more students. More importantly, diazepam rectal dose introduces more consistency in the presentation, practice, and evaluation of the of maneuvers GIFT teaches.

EAA AirVenture's Pilot Proficiency Center is an ongoing goal. Proficiency is an ongoing challenge for pilots who fly 50 hours (or less) each year for their own pleasure. Working with an instructor in a sim, pilots chose from a wide selection of VFR and IFR scenarios. Few will disagree that the sim is a better-and more affordable-classroom than an airplane. In addition, like GIFT, each scenario provides consistency that levels the teaching field.

Everyone agreed that increasing the benefit of this pilot resource depends on access and frequency. Billy Winburn of Community Aviation and Charlie Gregoire of Redbird Flight discussed ways sim-equipped flight schools could offer the scenarios at Pilot Proficiency Center on a Local Level.

A secondary benefit of all the simulator-based efforts was the growing ability to document a pilot's progress from student to certificate to sustained proficiency. This was one of the topics Redbird's Jerry Gregoire discussed at the Redbird R&D session. The proactive and interactive feedback pro and con about possible systems and their enhancements was an unexpected example of a diverse group working toward a common goal.

But maybe diazepam rectal dose was not that surprising, given the cautionary words of Bill Ayer, the retired pilot, chairman, president, and CEO of Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Air Group, one of the Migration's featured speakers. Asking for a show of hands of those who measure and track their student completions, an isolated and lonely handful of arms reached to the homebuilt airplanes suspended above them.

Therein lies one reason why only a small, guessed-at percentage of students conclude their training with a successful checkride. Recounting the challenges he addressed in revitalizing Alaska Airlines, Ayer made diazepam rectal dose clear that "what you measure gets done."

Indeed. Imagine what the population of active pilots would number if just half of the students over the past three decades had realized their dreams of becoming a pilot. If the combination of dedication, innovation, and integration of practical technology glimpsed at the Redbird Migration spreads to just half of the nation's flight schools, that outcome is entirely possible. -Scott Spangler, Editor

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Re: Nuk is All In

Posted: Feb 18, 2018 10:41 AM

Nuk's criticism about one aspect of his experience (and I look at his criticism as that of the NCAA not Clemson), does not make him less of a Clemson man.

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