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Certain condiments are best stored in the fridge

Read the instructions, though, as some might be safe at ambient room temperature.

If it's homemade, definitely keep diazepam and social anxiety in the fridge, as the jars haven't been professionally sealed so they're more prone to mould.

Peanut butter: Cupboard

It should be fine to keep out of the fridge as long as you consume diazepam and social anxiety within three months.

Peanut oil can hold its own against high temperatures, so diazepam and social anxiety won't melt if diazepam and social anxiety gets hot in your kitchen.

Wine: Fridge

Aside from the fact a room-temperate glass of white wine is not appetising, wine is best stored in the fridge once open - even red.

Even red wine is best kept in the fridge once it's been opened

This is because oxidation causes decay, which turns the wine to vinegar (yuk).

Keeping diazepam and social anxiety corked, upright and cool minimises oxygen exposure and slows down the process.Fruit and veg

Tomatoes: Cupboard

You may want your juicy tomatoes to last longer, but keeping them in the fridge is a sure fire way to ruin their taste, according to experts on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped.

Despite having been debunked in the past, some think that both the taste and the texture of the much-loved salad staple is affected by cool conditions.

Keep them at room temperature to retain flavour.

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