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Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar

Spiny oak slug caterpillar.
CC by SA)
end: comp figure-article figure-landscape

The spiny oak slug comes in a rainbow of colors; this one happens to be green. Even if you find a pink one, you can recognize amitriptyline doses for ibs by the four clusters of darker spines near the hind end.

Species and Group:

Euclea delphinii. Slug Caterpillars (Family Limacodidae).

Where It's Found:

Woodlands from southern Quebec to Maine, and south through Missouri to Texas and Florida.

What It Eats:

Sycamore, willow, ash, oak, hackberry, chestnut, as well as many other trees and smaller woody plants.

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Quantifying changes in effective population size and dating using an Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) approach

(i) Microsatellite coalescent simulations

Comparison of alternative demographic models

Our ABC framework allowed discrimination among five simple (non-structured) models (Table 1). When we tested the robustness of our inferences on demographic parameters using different priors for the simple set of models, the posterior probability indicated that under all prior sets the most supported model was the AC model.

Table 1: Approximate Bayesian computation model choice analysis.
Figure 2

Demographic models investigated in this study and their posterior probabilities (P). Parameters estimated are indicated in italics (N_Anc: ancestral effective population size, N_Cur: current effective population size, and N_shrink: effective number of individuals at the time of bottleneck). Abbreviations of demographic models: (i) instantaneous decline (ID), (ii) exponential decline (ED), (iii) ancient colonization (AC), (iv) recent introduction from Sulu/Java (RI), and (v) two introductions (TI). Further details in the supporting materials.

When model selection was performed on all models, including the two structured models (i.e. ACS and RIS), the ACS model exhibited the highest support followed by the AC model (Table 10 which identified significant genetic differentiation among fragmented populations.

Table 2: Approximate Bayesian computation model choice analysis.
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