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The eruption of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji
A tremendous crash burst from the ground, sending objects flying high into the air. She observed the distant shadow of Mt. Fuji as she struggled to free her leg from a large chunk from an old building wall. Uneven quivering rose from the earth below her, and the ground began to shake violently. Suddenly, the chunk of wall that had pinned her leg shifted, and she leaped up, only to fall right back down again. she shuddered.
Out came molten rock, lava bombs, and ash as Fuji blasted its debris high into the darkening sky. The sky spat out what the volcano had just shoved in its face onto the already earthquake-demolished city. Lava bombs dove into people's roofs, walls, windows, and doors. Lava flows were appearing on Mt. Fuji's steep slopes and were heading straight toward her. Then the world went black.
She woke up in the same place as before. All was quiet. She stood up and wandered around the remains of the destroyed city. Ash and cooled lava scoured the land. How long had she been out?